The Clown Show

French Clown, Flip Flop creates an interactive Circus Show that has everyone in stitches!.. Utilising the art of juggling, ballooning, unicycling, comedy and magic,  traditional clown gags and slapstick are transformed thru audience interaction into a contemporary masterpiece.  An unforgettable piece of Circus theatre the whole family can enjoy!

Originating in France, Leo has been living in Australia since 1995, and also travelled to various places to perform, including; France, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Qatar, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

 T.V. commercials and films that Leo Bonne has worked on include; Yoplait, Star City Casino, Sony, Splenda, Mission Impossible 2, and Wilful.

Leo Bonne is a world class juggler and can juggle clubs, fire torches and fire balls, knives, crystal balls, hats, bouncing balls, cups, plates, umbrellas, tennis racquets or anything else you care to think .


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