Fire In Motion

Extravagant but Elegant, Dynamic And Daring, FIRE IN MOTION brings Style and Grace to the Art of Fire Dance. 
A Unique blend of Fire, Dance, and Courageous Skills, FIRE IN MOTION creates a Stunning visual display for any event or audience.
Utilising Fire Eating, Chains, Sticks, Clubs and Ropes of Fire, Fire in Motion brings together a sequence of  Fire Dance pieces.
Entwined in Luminous rings of light, these Delightful Characters emanate the essence of magic through the ancient Dance of Fire.

A  2 or 3 performer show which includes the above skills as well as Fire Juggling, Diablo and Devil Sticks is also available.

11 minute Show to Soundtrack - 2 Performers.
15 minute Show to Soundtrack - 3 Performers.

 Different Costume options include:
-    Cabaret – Circus – Pirate – Carnivale/ Caribbean – Burlesque/Moulin Rouge
m* Available in show or improvised/meet and greet style.
* Glow Show Available for wet weather alternative.


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